These are just a few of the qualities which Eight EVP prides itself on as a fast-growing developer and manufacturer of LED emergency warning lights.

Our mission is to deliver value to all our customers by providing high-quality, innovative products at competitive prices and exceptionally reliable customer service.
   Our products are uniquely designed and not only meet but exceed optical and effective luminous intensity standards.

 We look forward to partnering with you, providing you with the products and service you need to uphold the virtues of public safety.


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Our company had its humble beginnings back in 2005. Starting in a small building, we made our first LED warning light with 3 x 1 watt LED's. Over the next few years our product line grew and we started exporting our products to Europe, Asia and Australia packaged and marketed under the importers name. Our reputation soon grew for quality and excellent light output.

The next product was the 8 led we called the Ice Cube. This is where we got our name Eight From and was our first product to use 3 watt LED's. This was closely followed by the 4 LED Ice Cube and our first Linear 3 LED the Alectrona.

Then was the Hurricane Beacon. A big departure from the standard products we have been making, The Hurricane is a new low profile warning beacon with the ability to give a rotating style flash pattern.

By 2012 we were manufacturing products for the European, Asian and Australian markets but we did not have any products entering the US market. All of our products up until this time were OEM.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) is a term used when one company makes a part that is used in another company's end product or sold as another company's product. By then we were making sirens, LED warning lights, Beacons as well as mini lightbars and modules for full length lightbars.

Early 2011 we decided to become an equipment manufacturer for the American market. Two years were spent designing, testing and certifying a new range of warning lights. These include the Hercules and the very popular super slim EOS range, and industry first at the time.

In 2013 Eight EVP opened its first US operation and sales office in Nashville, Tennessee. This base allows speedy distribution of all products to the US market. Our US Sales professionals are now ready to help you with any information, pricing and shipping five days a week.
Being the manufacturer we are able to tailor products to suit your need and still manufacture OEM products. We don't want to do the same as everyone else. Our goal is to produce original products that fit between the other products on the market. The square 4 led is one of our favorite designs as very few manufacturers have yet copied our original 4 LED format.

2017 marks the start of manufacturing for Eight EVP in the USA. the all new Cyclone mini lightbars will be manufactured in Nashville Tennessee in an all new production line.

2018 saw the introduction of our Patented U-Tag. This innovative warning light was designed to mount around the existing license plate using the same screws that affix the plate. saving time and damage to the vehicle this product has been a huge hit.

2019 Has been a year of growth with our design department working on some innovative new products. The release of the Vertical optics on the popular EOS 106 was just a start, In 2020 these will be standard on all our new tag frames.


2020 will see the introduction of a slimline traffic director/ warning strip using EOS slimline optics

Richard Griffey, CEO
Nashville, TN