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The U-Tag is a self-contained warning light that mounts behind your license plate. It sits low to clear factory reverse cameras, and is adjustable in height to fit in most locations.

This patented design can also be inverted and used with the lights on the top for pickup truck applications. The lights are prewired to a inbuilt controller and offers features like cruise, dim. Cut your vehicle fit-out time but mounting the U-Tag with the existing mounts and screws you already use to hold the license plate. Dont drill holes in those $1000 tail lights, Use a U-Tag at a fraction of the cost.


  • The Eight EVP Patented U-Tag was designed in consultation with Police fleet managers to meet operating requirements

  • The U-Tag sits around the vehicle license plate. secured by the same hardware that holds the plate.

  • Adjustable to allow full license plate exposure to cover legal requirements.

  • At 1/32" thick at the top it is designed to not obstruct the vehicles reverse camera.

  • The side warning lights are angled at 30 degrees to give a broader range of light output for better corner coverage

  • Dual color U-Tags are dual control and can have 2 separate flash patterns or 1 flash pattern and 1 steady burn pattern

  • The best self contained license plate warning light available
  • Save time and money, this universal design allows installation in minutes.


  • Fully encapsulated, sealed from moisture and vibration resistant.

  • Light heads are pre-wired to a inbuilt flash controller for versatility in flash patterns

  • Dimmable.

  • Cruise mode through flash patterns.

  • Synchronizable with other U-tags and Eight EVP Eos warning lights

  • 34 single color and 45  user selectable flash patterns.

  • Frame is made of a Polycarbonate -ABS plastic blend for strength and durability

  • full 5 year warranty

  • Reverse polarity protection.

  • SAE certified: SAE J595 class 1, CA TITLE 13 Class B, (Red, Blue, Amber and White).

  • Available in Red, Blue, Amber, Green, White, and dual color combinations. R/B R/A R/W B/A B/W AND A/W

Utag explorer 600
U-Tag Eight EVP

Tech Specs

Operating Voltage;                 10-16VDC

Max Current draw;                  2A @ 12 VDC

Flash Patterns;                         34 (single colors), 145 (Dual colors)

Sync;                                              yes with Eos and Hercules lights

Operating Temperature;     -22f to +131f (-40c to 65c)

Certificates;                               SAE J595 class1, CA title 13, class B (red, blue, amber & white)

Max Power                                   72 watts

Warranty;                                     5 Years

Patent;                                          US Patent 10017132